Ghosted on Airbnb?
Ensure All Your Listing Are Live, For All Guests, Always

Airbnb has been known to "ghost" listings with little notification to hosts.

Listing Monitor automatically alerts hosts if listings are not being displayed to guests.

When Airbnb receives a complaint about a listing, a property, or a host, Airbnb will attempt to notify the host via email. Often, Airbnb will immediately ghost listings as they await a reply from the host. Sometimes, they give a deadline for the host to respond, automatically ghosting the listings when the deadline passes.

It's very common for hosts to miss these unexpected emails from Airbnb, especially if they use a PMS or use Airbnb in-app messaging for communicating with guests and Airbnb support.

When a listing is ghosted, it will not be displayed. It does not show up in any search results and direct links to the listing are redirected to the Airbnb home page. When a listing is ghosted, new bookings are impossible and no-one can view the listing, even guests with existing reservations.

Meanwhile, when the host, staff or PMS software is logged into an Airbnb account, everything looks normal and there is no indication that the listing is ghosted and cannot be seen by anyone else.

Listing Monitor will automatically simulate a guest visiting the listing and will send an alert if the listing is ghosted, or otherwise not displayed. Listing Monitor ensures your listings are live and available for guests to book a stay.

Each listing is checked every 5 minutes, 24/7. Email and SMS alerts are sent to immediately notify you of any issues with your listings.