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In addition to guest contact details and demographic data, guest experience data identifies guest priorities, preferences and behaviours.

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Grow your business with automated guest experience analysis and stay ahead of changes and trends.

Quickly know what you need to with easy to understand dashboards and data visualizations.

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Understand What Guests Really Want

Learn who your guests really are and what is most relevant and important to them.

Optimize your listing titles, photos and descriptions to match what your guests are looking for and what's most significant to them.

Get the data to help determine what marketing content and messaging attracts the best guests and what marketing channels to target.
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Determine What Extra Services to Offer

Understand which are your most attractive and valuable extra services.

Cater your extra service offerings to the purpose of their stay, their priorities and preferences.

Identify your guest's specific needs that you don't offer in-house and explore partnerships with local service providers to enhance their experience.

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Identify the Most Popular Local Attractions and Activities

Discover what local attractions, activities and experiences your guests love.

Develop relationships with your guest's favorite local vendors to provide exclusive guest-only offers.

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