Why STR Marketer?

STR Marketer is the premier marketing partner for professional Short Term and Vacation Rental Property Managers.  We offer marketing tools, resources and education for growing your STR business.

STR professionals are evolving into modern businesses that understand the importance of establishing a brand

STR Professionals know that their success depends on establishing a direct relationship between their brand and their guests. They realize the importance of capturing guest data and using that data to enhance their guest's experience. They understand they need to offer additional services that support the goal of delivering the best guest experience, while also increasing revenue.

As they mature into modern businesses, they recognize metrics like lifetime value and focus on lowering their cost of acquisition by driving direct bookings, referrals and repeat guests. 

STR Marketer is a growth platform that automates the capture and analysis of guest data to enrich guest experiences, deepen guest relationships and reinforce brand loyalty.

Our personalized guest marketing system is a turn-key, done-for-you growth automation platform that directly amplifies the STR professional’s revenue, reviews, direct bookings, return guests and referrals to maximize the LTV of each guest.

Being a “host” just doesn’t work anymore in today’s world, the old way we've all been taught is no longer effective.

The pandemic has expedited the widening of the gap that defines Airbnb Hosts vs. Short Term Rental Professionals.

As “Airbnb hosts” stagnate and continue business as usual, the evolution of STR professionals into hospitality brands continues to accelerate.

Leading hospitality brands leverage growth automation platforms like STR Marketer to differentiate their business, establish their brand, attract more property owners, expand their portfolio and grow their company.

Businesses that don’t follow this path will be left behind as their competition evolves and matures at a rapid pace.
We have over 10 years experience.
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